Love is a Beautiful Pain - Part 2

9/29/2008 05:14:00 AM / Posted by cheewei /

Recently, I come across a book at book store. Written by Liu Yong. Some description of him here. He is a Taiwanese writer. Now resides in New York. Numerous best-selling books' author among Chinese community, an artist, a teacher, a professor, a philantropist, and of course a traveller (especially to the very poor province in Mainland China).

Liu Yong has described himself in a book called "Love is a Beautiful Pain" as he is a people who is passionate about life. Always want to overtake himself and set new frontier. His writing principle is "before I can make peple touched, I must make myself touched" and "speak for yourself and speak for your era in." He has a warm heart, a pair hardworking hand, two very busy legs and a very liberal heart.

I have heard about him for some years now, but it doesn't strike my mind before this to buy or try to read his book. Few weeks back, I went to meet Hari (my roommate) in Time Square to do some shopping on his cloth and my shoe. I was early and so I went inside Borders Bookstore to have a look. I always like to go to the bookstore and sit there to read some free books. And yes, like Hari said I'm a person with complex personality. I do enjoy quiet reading like a bookworm but at the same time I enjoyed being an outgoing social person. But, I think I'm more nerdy now than ever. Anyway, talking back about this Liu Yong's book - Love is a Beautiful Pain. It strikes my eye when I saw the title of the book. It was being displayed on the Modern Chinese Literature Section of Borders Times Square, just right beside Starbucks.

Love is beautiful. I believe most of the human being agree with it. However, at the same time

Love is a Beautiful Pain - by Liu Yong

**PS: Here, I have to say sorry to my readers. I know many of you are waiting for Part 2 of this post. However, I don't think I'm able to continue with this post. I have tried to finish it. But, I don't think I'm a person that is qualify to talk about love here. I did wrongs, I disappoint peoples, and now I disappoint my readers here just like how Anwar disappoints me. When time passed, things changed, and so as my mood. But, that's the truth. When time passed, when you try turning back, it's not used to be the same anymore. Things changed like Darwin's Evolution Theory. Guess that will be my last post on Love in this near future. I really in no position in giving comments on Love. Love is something that far too complicated for me to solve. It's too much to handle. TMTH, just like what an American Idol contestant said. TMTH = too much to handle. (I still love David's - You must love me and Brooke's - Let it be; both are very powerful songs. Believe me, really powerful songs.) In short, let's Dr Love do the job on Love. I'm not running away, I just doing what I suppose to do.



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