Love is a Beautiful Pain - Part 1

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When is the 1st time u feel Love?
What is Love actually?
How you can feel the Love?

If I ask any single human out there now who below 35 years old. I bet more than 90% of them will tell you that I feel Love when I saw Mr XXY or Ms XXX under a tree or somewhere, some place, some time. In short, they 1st feel the Love when they saw their other half, be it their girl friend, boy friend, husband, wife, wives or husbands.

Then what is Love? If you ask them again, these answers will come out:
  • Love is a hidden element in your life.
  • You can't see Love, but you can only feel it.
  • It is a feeling that reside in your heart.
  • Love is a powerful motivation for human to live on.
  • Love is about making you and your partner sexually satisfied.
  • Love can be destructive to those who too obsess into it until they neglect their 'real business'
  • Love is about caring your life partner and make them feel secure.
  • Love is to protect my Love ones, feed them well, make them feel safe, and give them the best life you can.
  • For certain people, Love is 'buying me more Gucci, LV (not LV Sarma aka my Corp Finance Strategies's lecturer ,ok!), Armani, Guess, Jimmy Choo's, Tifanny & Co, and so on.
  • For small fraction of people, Love is I want to see you, see your eyes (because you have beautiful eyes), hug you everyday.
  • Love can be "My money is your money, your money is your money, your money is not my money."
  • Love can also be "I put you higher than myself, my own health, my career, my studies."
  • And the list can go on forever and hence Wikipedia concludes, "Love is a range of emotions and experiences related to the senses of affection and sexual attraction."
So, again, what the fish is LOVE? For some people, LOVE seems to be the hardest thing, saying I LOVE You seems to be the hardest thing. And if you do say it, what you mean by I Love You? If according to the list up there, assuming you say it to Ms CCC, is it because she gave you lots of experiences, went through a lot of emotional moments with you, both of you express care to each other, and of course sexually appealing and attracted. Well, I personally feel there no wrong with the definition, except sexually attraction. I will talk about that later.

Next, we go to how you can feel the Love? This is easy, Form 2 syllable, in a subject called General Science - the 5 senses of human being (Homo sapiens). [Just to show off I still can remember the scientific name of it. ] What is the 5 senses?
  1. Eye sight. This is untrue. How about the blind people? They can't see this world not because they choose to. Ok, they don't have the eye sight, but they still can feel the love as they have other senses.
  2. Hearing. This is untrue. How about the deaf people? They are not the one who choose to not to hear any sounds. Even for normal people like us, we can't force ourselves to not hear certain sounds unless we use something to cover your ear hole. Deaf people still can feel the love, how? Because they have other senses.
  3. Smell. This is untrue. How about people who lost their smelling ability? Like people who caught cold and could detect any smell due to excessive mucus inside the nose. (Mucus is the sticky, watery thing that come out from your nose) Do they lost the abilty to Love? No! Because they have other senses.
  4. Touch. This is untrue. How about the people who have problem with their nerve system and have blood clog in brain that cause you can't feel anything with your skin. When your little web of nerve under your epidermis fail you, you lost your ability to Love and feel beloved? Definitely, No! Because you have other senses.
  5. Taste. This is untrue. How about the worst thing can be happened on a chef? They lost their ability to taste due to palate malfunction. The little cells on their tongue fail them? They lost the ability to taste the food that cooked by their loves one or to taste their life partner's love liquid when they are exchanging saliva. So, can't taste the love liquid, can't taste the flavour of Love? What the fish? Hell no! Because you have other senses.
Hence, conclusion is if you still have one of the 5 senses you having now. You still can feel the Love. Even you lost all 5 of them, even you become a sleeping beauty/prince and hooked on life support machine, you still can feel the Love? How? With your heart, with your mind. Human is a complex organism. Some people argue that women are more complex biologically as they have the reproductive ability. Some people also argue men are more complex as they have something extra externally. But, for me, why compare who is more complex in the first place. WE are all complex. If we are simple, why we need so many cells to form us. We can just be an Amoeba sp.

Life will be much easier, isn't it? Single cell organism. We need not to worry about school, work, partner as we can reproduce by ourselves without help from another Amoeba. But, life wouldn't be fun, isn't it?

And, so God created human that can Love. (Well, this basically makes me go against Darwin's Law of Evolution which I studied and supported for so long. But, the problem of Darwin's is, who created the first cell for the cell to evolve into multi-cell and finally become me and you? So, let's just put God here as the creater of this cell, ok? Not reference to any religion, but the creater. Btw, I still believe in Darwin's, he has some really impressive theory.)

Now, human can feel Love no matter in what state he is in. Cause we can feel it with the normal 5 senses, your heart, and your mind. How, we are complex. We are manufactured to be like that controlled by a one core CPU called the BRAIN! (Rather weak argument, I will improve on it later, but no promises.)

As we discussed earlier, Love is a powerful thing. I believe everyone agree with it. If you don't, please leave me a reply. I like critics. (And I like to give critic, like the opposition.) However, Love can build, but it also can destroy. Love of a husband to a wife can make the man kill another man because the another man rape his wife. Love of a girlfriend to her boyfriend can make her abandon her studies, spend her money and time to make him happy. Love of a male friend to a female friend that make him ignore his midterms, assignments, studies, friends, family, and health just to make her feel the Love.

Ok, all these are truth and it's happening around us. But, that's not the main point I want to stress here. Yes, a boyfriend girlfriend, husband wife, boy boy, gal gal, or male female friend; all these relationship no doubt is Love. However, it is not the only Love in this world. The creater of this world is smart and cunning. Besides boy-gal love, the creater also create boy-boy, gal-gal love. Moreover, the love of a father-son, grandfather-daughter, grandmother-son, mother-daughter, a stranger to another stranger, kid and the teacher, your Prime Minister and you (the Rakyat), your love to your kampung and homeland/hometown, etc. My point is there are other Loves that slipped away from us when we are busy chasing our life partner (husband or wife).



Comment by Esther Chin on November 20, 2008 at 8:21 PM

nono... "My money is your money, your money is your money, your money is not my money" is NEVER applicable :p

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