916 DD

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Yes. This is the most talk about number in Malaysia now. Today is 916DD, "D-Day" according to AI (there are two, one is a bas-tard who says I am just 'penumpang' in this country, another one is of course the man who told us "I'll be back" and indeed he is back). So, what's up with this D-Day?

Today is Malaysia's independent day. (Happy Merdeka my beloved country!) After all the immature and bodo statements produced by my fellow Malaysians, I still love this country. Yes, I do hate people who simply come out with so-called arguments that greatly hurt the heart of Malaysian like me. This proves that how babrbaric they are and how shallow minded they are. One thing that I learned in Malaysia's university (my university of course), we should hate the arguments they made, and not the people who make it. So, AI Flag Hill, I don't hate you as a human. But, I hate your statement, ok? You-r statement should put under ISA (I Sokong An-War) and become Teresa Cook's roommate now. You-r statement ok, not you! I don't want become your housemate, please! Don' perasaan too much, ok?!

916, of course is people's birthday also la. Happy birthday to them! Wish you all have a wonderful year ahead! You all are so lucky because you have chance to celebrate your birthday with 26 million Malaysian!

Then, talk about D-Day, AI Permata Pau version (Hey, don't confuse with Permata Dunia, ok). It's the day where he think he want to talk with my uncle, Pak La-la. Pak La-la definitely is my 'favourite' uncle. He was so nice looping, protect-ive, ham-ble, and willing to take kris-stik.
  1. Nice-looping. Yeah, he's nice looking. At his age, still can find replacement wife (faster than Chow Yun Fat's replacement killer). Some more, I can see his face every where I go, even on the Visit Malaysia's poster together with his lovely Wanita Uno. When people ask him question, he become grasshopper. Turn a big round like the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva. What a nice-loop he made!
  2. Protect-ive. Yeah! He's a very protective father, no doubt! I repsect him from the bottom of my heart. I really do. All father should be like him. Even the son-in-law also he protect him like family. What a lovely father he is! I salute you. But, do you know what is the meaning of over protect-ive? That's why everyone is buying SCOMI after you become Pak La-la.
  3. Ham-ble. Oh yes! Best thing to eat with sandwishes and salats, HAM! I stil remember the first ham I ate when I was only 5 years old. It's so awesome as always. The meat is a normal farmed live stock that got curly tail. Yes, it is IT! It is the sweetest meat in the world! (Personal perceptionof myself and my friend, Leau, you can ignore this.) Come back to ham-ble-ness of Pak La-la. No doubt, he always so cool in handling situation, behave like a nice guy. No doubt, by looking how he treated his family, he is definitely a nice family guy. But, as father of a big family (let's say with 26 million family members), can he treat all his daughters and sons equally well? Aiks, he is HAM-ble. YES, he is!
  4. Willing to take kris-stick. This doesn't suit him because is not him carrying the Kris-stik. It's one of his son who happened to wear a wrong spectacle and accidently pull out a Kris-stik and wave it like a Kriket's stick. Aiks, really sorry for him. He was so well educated as a practice lawyer. His grandfather is a great man with extremely good visions. Just because he that "sui" and unlucky that day, playing with the wrong stick, he become the first person in the country playing with the wrong stick (kris-stick) at the wrong time (in front of cameras). So, what is it to do with Pak La-la? Hey, he's from his family, his son. This makes his other sons feel ashamed. He didn't perform any action, worst than NATO(No Action Talk Only). Action 'ee-lek', talk also 'ee-lek.' (ee-lek means nothing in Tamil) I feel so sorry for his other sons. I feel sorry for him who played with the stick and myself. Aiks. God bless Pak La-la.
So, AI Permata Pau, wish you luck in talking to my uncle, Pak La-la. He is a very resonable person. He can always give good reasons. For his sons and daughters, let's enjoy 916 DD together as it's the begining of the end. No matter what's happen to Unicle La-la, we are still family. I don't blame you play with the stick, but please don't you ever play like that again. Btw, brother , play too much stick is no good for your health ok? Bad for everyone's 'health'.

Here's some picture of me playing with the stick.

PS: To my brother Zaid, there must be really good reason why Uncle La-la don't let you leave the family. Please do bear with him a while, as we have bear for so long. We need you, bro, to make our family being respected again!



Comment by Ezzudden on September 16, 2008 at 8:21 AM

so big family u hv right now..
send my regard to ur uncle..

if not 9-16...we wait for 9-20...reformasi day...
coz right now..some of ur family member still lawatan sambil belajar..hehe

Comment by cheewei on September 18, 2008 at 7:01 AM

Hey Din, they have very nice edu trip. Fly here and there, like go around Asia in 14 days. :P

Hope for the best to come. Justice and pure ADIL for everyone..

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