Drawing a 'S'

8/25/2008 03:49:00 PM / Posted by cheewei /

In today's 'Bank Management' class, as usual, the attendance list is being circulated and everyone in the class try to sign for everyone outside the class. After I signed for myself and my roommate (like always), I passed the paper to Steve (My FEG mate). However, Steve passed me back the paper to me two seconds later and says: "hey, can sign for me? Because I can't sign your signature lar." (PS: I signed for Steve for the previous class)

Yes. I do confess that I have an "unique" handwriting which I consider myself as the true, geniune medical doctor's handwriting. It's not my fault though. I just learned it from my doctor after all. :) Okay, getting back to Steve's problem. He came out with a solution after some thoughts. Next time when he signs the attendance list, he will just put a 'S', representing Steve. Imitate from Masrul which always put a 'M' as signature. I agreed with him definitely because this makes my job easier (signing for him, of course. Not other things that you all are thinking now).

But, suddenly Richard pop up with this question: how to draw a 'S' on the list?. This question just make me puzzled for 5 seconds. In my heart, I tell myself that Richard must be losing his mind. After studying so hard for 22 years, now he can't even draw a 'S' ? There must be something wrong and hence I replied: 'So, how you going to draw a 'S' ?

He grinned and says: Since you want to sign a 'S' for Steve, then just follow Steve's 'S' la.

Well, finally I know which 'S' he's refering to.

Have you figure it out? Which 'S' can it be?
Some clue for you.

PS: It's not the curve shape or the object which is penetrating or the lady standing behind.
It's just the part where you will keep in touch when you are sitting on besically anything.

By the way, the picture above has been edited by Google Picasa for its colour only, and nothing else has been altered. Cheers, FEG!



Comment by xenac on August 25, 2008 at 11:20 PM

you forgot this part

Chee wei: Hey Steve, how to sign your "S" ar?

Steve : Just sign only la, my "S" same with your "S" what.


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